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Unique cancer diagnostics

Scintomics is fully committed to bridging the gap between research and the clinical development of unique cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, for the long term benefit of cancer patients. In order to promote their portfolio of unique radiopharmaceuticals, Sensu collaborated with Scintomics on a short animation film as well as a new website.

Portfolio overview

The process initially started with the creation of a concise animation video that gives an overview of Scintomics' rich portfolio. This animation demonstrates the mechanism of action (MOA) of three different radiopharmaceuticals. Showing these various compounds in succession helps to communicate not only how they work, but also what makes them different from each other. The colourful environment – based on Scintomics' new company colours – gives the animation a fresh look.

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3D animation of radiohybrid compound created for Scintomics

Radiohybrid compounds

Radiohybrids are molecules that can be used for both imaging and therapy. They provide a dual mode function: a diagnostic isotope and a therapeutic isotope are both always present, but only one of them is radioactive during application. For diagnosis, Fluorine-18 is used, while the second site is silent. For therapy, a beta- or alpha-emitting radiometal is used, whereas the fluorine is now silent.

Website design

We also provided a brand-new website for Scintomics. We based its design on the animation: the same fresh look and feel returns in the website elements. One of the most important features is the portfolio's interactive presentation – allowing visitors to dissect the compounds into single elements. We thereby managed to convey, in an engaging way, precisely how the radiopharmaceuticals are constructed.

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