10 Years

Of creating films, 3D animations, brand identities and websites

That is how we became what we are today: a high-end visual marketing agency for science, the medical industry, and high-tech. Over the past decade, we have created and produced for clients at every stage of the innovation chain – from scientist to manufacturer, and everything in between. And we continue to do so, on the basis of daring concepts and effective strategies.


Every day, we learn about something new – from self-regenerating tissue to black holes in the universe. To work up close with outstanding scientists, from universities and research collectives around the world, is always a huge privilege. What we bring to the table is our ability to translate complex matter into engaging stories and beautiful imagery. This is a challenge we thrive upon: it stimulates our creativity and drives us to push visual boundaries.

Medical industry

From brand identity, to the presentation of a new cancer treatment. Through eyecatching shots, colourful animations and slick designs, we are able to express complex processes in a beautiful way. We specialise in filming at restricted locations: clean rooms, operating rooms, hospitals and biosafety laboratories.


Having experienced every stage of the innovation chain, we know the ins and outs of the industry. We know your customer, and we probably know your customer's customer as well. This bird's-eye perspective helps us define your position – telling us how to communicate your knowledge best.

We’ve developed some amazing partnerships

And we’ve won multiple awards.

  • Winner 2018Raw Science Film Festival
  • Nominee 2018Tech Doc Fest
  • Winner 2018Global Short Film Awards
  • Winner 2018Sound And Vision International Film & Technology Festival
  • Nominee 2019IFF Ekotopfilm
  • Nominee 2019Oregon Short Film Festival
  • Winner 2019Raw Science Film Festival
  • Nominee 2019Edutain Micro Film Festival
  • Finalist 2020Raw Science Film Festival
  • Winner 2020Sound And Vision International Film & Technology Festival

Find out what we can do for you!

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