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  • Roche
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We are an award-winning creative agency...

with over a decade of experience creating animations for the life science, high-tech, and energy industries. From the binding of a T-cell to a virus, to the engineering of an enzyme – through animation, the invisible can be made visible. Translating difficult matter into captivating, eye-catching and colourful animations is what we thrive on.

3D image of multiple, colourful T-cells that are used by LUMICKS

Mechanism of Action

We are experts when it comes to creating MoA 3D animations that translate the most sophisticated processes into engaging stories and visuals. In our MoA 3D animations, we combine different elements – such as eye-catching and colourful animations, a voice-over, and on-screen text – to ensure that the message of your medical illustration is engaging, clear, and concise. As a result, knowledge is transferred more efficiently and stakeholders and investors are reached more effectively.

Customer Experience: LUMICKS

I am excited to say I would of course love to work with you and your team again, and I am excited for our future collaborations together. It was a pleasure working with you, and I believe we have created some amazing, unique animations and artwork together to use for our marketing materials – really making us a showstopper! The colors and style are so vibrant that everyone will be wondering who made these beautiful films and images. Thank you again!

- Taylor Yerbury, Visual Designer at LUMICKS

A film that explains what Nuclear Magnetic (NMR) is with a female model in a 3D world picking an atom

Breathing life into knowledge

At our core, we exist to translate advanced knowledge into engaging visual stories. Through animation, we are able to breathe life into research results, dry information, and future inventions – helping you to visualise complex processes and present data in the form of colourful animations. We can do so through highly realistic animations as well as more imaginative, stylised visuals.

Awareness and publicity

Our work has reached millions of people worldwide. Not only via online channels, but through traditional media as well. To name one example, our animation about the binding of the Covid-19 virus featured in multiple popular TV shows in the Netherlands.

3D animation of radiohybrid compound created for Scintomics

In-house animation team

To ensure the consistency and highest quality of our animations, Sensu includes its own in-house animation team – working collaboratively out of our Amsterdam and Groningen offices, for our clients around the world. If one aspect is key to our animation process, it's collaboration – the foundation of all our work. Our animations are always an amalgamation of creative vision, talent, and expertise. By working together closely with first-rate scientists, we make sure the science is right. For every animation we have made, it was the team involved that allowed it to become a unique product.

Case: Blau Lab

Striking colours and shapes. We made this animation for the laboratory of Dr Helen Blau of Stanford University, all about their research on muscle rejuvenation. For this project, the animation process was characterised by a desire to find the perfect balance between stylisation and realism. Without ever losing sight of scientific correctness, we took the conscious decision to leave out a certain level of detail. As a result, we had the opportunity to make choices regarding colours and shapes that really allow the images to pop.

This image shows 3D reconstruction of the inside of a human cell showing mitochondria

More work

Visit the cases page to look through our greatest hits and most recent releases.

This shot from the glyphic biotechnology film shows a protein on a blue background

We work with...

  • Roche
  • Fraunhofer
  • Bruker
  • GenSight Biologics
  • Ionis Pharmaceuticals
  • YmAbs
  • Insilico Biotechnology
  • Khondrion
  • University of Groningen
  • Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Glyphic Biotechnologies
  • Scintomics
  • Amsterdam UMC
  • Charité
  • Annexin Pharmaceuticals
  • AM Pharma

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