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Absorbing experiences

Since your website tends to serve as a first impression of your company, it needs to engross the visitor while also making it plain what you have to offer. By integrating distinctive visual footage and brand elements within web design, we create absorbing and interactive experiences. Our intuitive designs and beautiful code result in a smooth and compelling journey for your customers.

This image shows a person holding an ipad looking at the EuropeScience website


We work with a content-rich approach to the development of websites. Through the inclusion of animations and high-end film material – and by always emphasising the story that our client wants to tell – we propel newly branded websites to the next level. This is all made possible by our talented team that consists of designers who are also developers, and developers who are designers too. This strong set-up safeguards both the technical functionality and aesthetic standard of all our designs.

Multiple devices showing the AlfaRim website to showcase its repsonsive design created by Sensu

Responsive designs

Every website and interactive experience we create comes with responsive design – ensuring your content looks great on any device. We work with Bakku, a headless CMS that uses flexible building blocks in intelligent layouts. This is especially helpful in an age where people use a multitude of devices to access websites. With our CMS, we can make any website or experience fully responsive: as users switch from their laptop to an iPad or mobile phone, our websites automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size, and scripting abilities.

Visual experience

With the help of innovative programming platform Three.js, we can shape websites into animated, interactive experiences. We make use of motion design – the future of web design – to create a visual journey, implementing elements such as animations, visual effects, geometry, and light effects. This approach enables us to turn a website into a personalised encounter with our client's work.

Mock up of a laptop that shows Content Management System (CMS) Bakku


Content management system Bakku is part of our service, and is included with each website we create. This clear and easy-to-use system, developed by our partner Qonvoy, works according to a click-and-see principle. Once we have set up the fundamentals of your website, you’ll be able to make content changes in no time. You don’t need any experience in design or web development to work with Bakku. Our team creates a comprehensive design, based on the building blocks that we have agreed upon. Within this structure, you can add or change text, images and other content without ever having to mess with the design itself. Leave it to us to make sure the final product always looks great.

A display of multiple website Sensu has created for its clients

We work with...

  • TES-H2
  • AlfaRim
  • FiveT
  • Elestor
  • Insilico Biotechnology
  • Scintomics
  • Teraloop
  • EuropeScience
  • Erasmus MC

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