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A new brand identity

By producing the world’s most sought-after medical isotope – actinium-225 – on an industrial scale, AlfaRim is going to make targeted alpha therapies possible. To match this groundbreaking innovation, Sensu created a new brand identity and interactive website for AlfaRim.

This mock-up image shows two pages from the branding style guide for Alfarim

Our approach

The combination of high-tech and medical that lies in the core of Alfarim, is what Sensu loves most! Their groundbreaking technology and the paradigm shift they’re instigating asked for a daring brand identity. We chose vibrant colours, smooth animations and interactive web design to help explain their technology in a concise way. This not only attracts potential medical partners, but also engages investors to contribute to this innovative technology. 

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This 3D animated image shows an abstract rendering of a cyclotron for Alfarim

Cyclotron-produced actinium-225

Alfarim is developing a state-of-the-art production facility in Delft, ensuring a steady supply of cyclotron-produced actinium-225. Thereby facilitating the radiopharmaceutical industry with actinium-225 and accelerating targeted alpha therapy. 

The collaboration

By closely collaborating with the Alfarim team, we were able to get to the core of their key messages. Thereby we reinforced the company's proposition, getting more interest from potential investors. The collaboration was a positive experience from both sides.

Hanno Mak (Managing Director of Alfarim): "Working with Sensu was a lot of fun, as the team stands out for using its creativity to transform complex matter into a visually attractive and intriguing story".

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