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Sensu is a creative agency with a focus on biotech and clean energy. Our mission is to elevate world-changing innovations into visual experiences. To achieve this, we create eye-catching 3D animations, interactive websites and standout brand identities – combining these elements into one seamless story that truly captures your innovation.

Close-up animation of a lens that is put on an eye


Because we believe an image has the power to trigger change. By using that power to increase the impact of visionary ideas and amplify the voices behind them, we can shape a world in which our health and a green future come together as one common goal.

Health Green

For Who?

From life-saving medicines and next-generation protein sequencers to hydrogen infrastructure and sustainable agriculture – our clients are those who transform how we approach the biggest challenges of today and tomorrow. Through teaming up with like-minded organisations, we aim to realise visual content that engages, educates and inspires on the road towards a healthier, more sustainable, and equitable world.

Show Cases
This 3D animation shows sustainable chemicals for EIRES

Meet our team

We believe that creative success is built on teamwork, partnerships, and the synthesis of different opinions and ideas. In each project we have worked on, it was the team involved that enabled us to create something unique.

Caspar de Zeeuw.jpg
Caspar de Zeeuw
Creative Producer
Joseph Wilcox
Eva Sensu prod.jpg
Eva de Zeeuw
Project Manager
Rense Buijvoets
Managing director
Gwendoline Pluim
Project Manager
Jesper Buijvoets
Creative director
Jesse vdm.jpeg
Jesse van der Mark
Content director
Thomas Drenth
Head of animation
peter reese website.jpg
Peter Reese
Director of photography
Mark Tonkes
Visual artist
Jeffrey Gelens
Software engineer
Image from iOS.jpg
Ferdinand Assenberg
3D Animator
Maarten Neon-min.jpg
Maarten Westra
Jeroen Grondijs
3D Animator
Amedee van Sluys
Art director

Find out what we can do for you.

Contact us at info@sensu.org or call +31 20 777 20 72.

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