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We're a team of makers, thinkers, explorers, creators, and dreamers. We're passionate about sharing science and innovation with the world. Every day, we learn about something new – from self-regenerating tissue to black holes in the universe. These are the stories that inspire us. These are the stories we want to tell...

Three key philosophies

Every project is different, so the approach to any project evolves in its own way... Yet three key philosophies are always in the back of our minds, whenever we delve into a new project or start a partnership with a new client. 

  1. Tell stories that matter
    We aren't here to tell just any old story. We tell the stories that revolutionise how we think about our healthcare, our future, and our planet. From medical inventions, to revolutionary ideas that can heal our ecosystem.

  2. The science needs to be right
    We value scientific correctness very highly – and by working together closely with first-rate scientists, we make sure to get the true message across. 

  3. Collaboration is key
    From strategy to distribution, our multidisciplinary team collaborates passionately with our clients – guiding them through the process from start to finish. Our workflow is based on collaboration and transparency, making the process easy to manage and – more importantly – an enjoyable experience. 
A film that explains what Nuclear Magnetic (NMR) is with a female model in a 3D world
Cambodian man with a t-shirt that says No Camera

How it all began

Ten years ago, two guys, one documentary project in Cambodia. The local people yelled at us: “No Camera” – so we used this line to our advantage by making it our slogan. It became a hype, and we made “No Camera” T-shirts that the locals still wear today. Our positive and humorous approach helped us overcome an obstacle and turn it into an asset – we like to think this sums up our style.

Cinematic image of a small boat in the port of Yantai with the skyline in the background

Today we're an award-winning company!

  • WINNER 2017 IFFR: Best Groninger Film
  • NOMINEE 2017 Guam International Film Festival
  • WINNER 2018 Raw Science Film Festival
  • NOMINEE 2018 Tech Doc Fest
  • WINNER 2018 Global Short Film Awards
  • WINNER 2018 Sound And Vision International Film & Technology
  • NOMINEE 2019 IFF Ekotopfilm
  • NOMINEE 2019 Oregon Short Film Festival
  • WINNER 2019 Raw Science Film Festival
  • NOMINEE 2019 Edutain Micro Film Festival
  • SEMI FINALIST 2019 Vienna Science Film Festival
  • FINALIST 2020 Raw Science Film Festival
  • WINNER 2020 Sound And Vision International Film & Technology
  • HONORS 2021 Awwwards - Honors Award for FiveT website
  • WINNER 2021 Awwwards - Mobile Excellence Award for FiveT website

Meet our team

We believe that creative success is built on teamwork, partnerships, and the synthesis of different opinions and ideas. In each project we have worked on, it was the team involved that enabled us to create something unique.

Caspar de Zeeuw.jpg
Caspar de Zeeuw
Creative Producer
Joseph Wilcox
Eva Sensu prod.jpg
Eva de Zeeuw
Rense Buijvoets
Managing director
Gwendoline Pluim
Project Manager
Jesper Buijvoets
Creative director
Jesse vdm.jpeg
Jesse van der Mark
Content director
Thomas Drenth.jpg
Thomas Drenth
Head of animation
peter reese website.jpg
Peter Reese
Director of photography
Mark Tonkes
Visual artist
Jeffrey Gelens
Software engineer
Maarten Neon-min.jpg
Maarten Westra
Jeroen Grondijs
3D Animator
Image from iOS.jpg
Ferdinand Assenberg
3D Animator
Amedee van Sluys
Art director

Find out what we can do for you!

Contact us at info@sensu.org or call +316 38 19 02 46

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