Off-grid hydrogen


A brand captured in an instant

Dutch clean energy start-up Watermeln came to us with a request. Looking for help with their branding, they gave us the task of creating an interactive website through which they could present themselves and their sustainable technology. Our goal: tell their story playfully, with the colourful vibrance of a festival, and generate an immediate understanding of the full potential of their flexible, off-grid electricity solution.

Watermeln - Tablet Presentation Showcase Mockup.jpg

Recognisable website design

We were able to achieve this through an animated, interactive and fully branded web design. Watermeln's website includes all the information their potential clients might need – including a price comparison tool and booking system – but most of all it breathes the company's identity throughout. Upon arrival, visitors will know at once who they're dealing with and what they have to offer, leaving a striking impression that's hard to forget.

Client experience

“The website offers a crystal-clear showcase of our technology and capabilities, enabling customers to effortlessly access crucial information and book our Watermeln water-hydrogen units promptly. Our fresh logo ingeniously combines a CEE power plug with a watermelon, aligning seamlessly with our brand, applications and target audience. Hats off to the incredible design and creativity talents of Sensu, who made this achievement possible.”

– Jeff Wezel (Co-founder of Watermeln)

Watermeln - logo on pink background.jpg
Watermeln - realistic visual - generator in industrial context (crop).jpg

Sustainable solution

In developing the website, we helped streamline the story behind Watermeln and their green hydrogen solution, creating a sense of focus. It's all about their plug-and-play green hydrogen generator. We made the generator central to practically every visual, adding to the recognisability of the brand as well as the visibly flexible nature of their sustainable electricity provision.

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Watermeln - realistic visual - generator on construction site.jpg

Target groups identified

In placing the green hydrogen generator within different contexts and industries, we struck upon a simple yet effective way to appeal to a large variety of audiences. In this way, we made sure that Watermeln's branding speaks visually and directly to all of its multiple target groups, all at the same time.

A story told in 15 seconds

As an introduction for incoming website visitors, we captured the Watermeln brand and story in a short, interactive animation – presented as a carousel slider. Watch the video below for an impression, or visit the Watermeln website to experience the real deal.


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