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We are a high-end visual marketing agency for science and innovation. Our expertise lies in translating complex matter into engaging visual stories through animation, branding, web design, and film.  

Complex Molecular Structure in flow NMR

3D animation

From the binding of a T-cell to a virus, to the engineering of an enzyme. Through animation, the invisible can be made visible. Translating difficult matter into captivating, eye-catching and colourful animations is what we thrive on. And with more than ten years of experience we are experts in telling your story through 3D animations.

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We move companies forward, by creating transformative brands for the life science-, high-tech- and energy industry. Whether you are just starting your brand, or ready to scale up. Our design approach is rooted in science and technology. These elements distinguish our work, giving our concepts a bold and modern edge that comes through in all aspects of our designs. 

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This image shows the website for Scintomics designed by Sensu.jpg

Interactive web design

As a website serves as a first impression of your company, it needs to engross the visitor and make it clear what you have to offer. We create absorbing interactive experiences by integrating distinctive visual footage and brand elements within web design. Our intuitive designs and beautiful code result in a smooth and compelling journey for your customers.

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We are specialists in turning complex topics into cinematic imagery. It is a challenge that stimulates our creativity, driving us to push visual boundaries. Our films have reached millions of viewers online, winning multiple international awards.

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