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Bringing a net-zero future into view

TES-H2 is paving the way towards the decarbonisation of global economies, through clean and renewable H2 energy. By offering simple, scalable and cost-effective energy solutions for European markets, TES-H2 is bringing a net-zero future into view. To explain their innovative, cyclical process in a simple way, Sensu collaborated with TES-H2 on a short animation and an interactive web experience.

3D animation world with solar panels in the desert.jpg

Our world as a hydrogen molecule

The concept for the animation started with a planet presented as a hydrogen molecule: our world spinning on hydrogen. We use this world to showcase the TES cycle – allowing us to creatively approach the different steps within the cycle, all the while emphasising its cyclical nature.

3D animation of a sustainable world with solar panels.jpg

Green cycle

The cyclical process of TES-H2's sustainable innovation is showcased: from generation to transportation, to industries, and back to generation. We are presented with a hydrogen molecule that twists and turns, sometimes zooming in to explore the different stages of the process. Zooming back out again, we are able to oversee the entire cycle at a single glance.

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3D render of an industrial plant with yellow accents

Transforming industries

With this cost-effective and scalable hydrogen solution, TES is revolutionising the industry. They are doing so by supplying green hydrogen at scale to global markets – particularly across the mobility, industry and power sectors – using an innovative business model based on proven technologies.

Interactive Experience

After producing the animation, we immediately went on to build an interactive web experience. In this experience, visitors are guided along the entire closed-loop cycle. The web format gave us the chance to add more context and information to the visuals – embedding them in a fully realised world, and giving visitors the opportunity to engage with the story at their own pace.

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Look and feel

For the film's look and feel, we took into account TES-H2's existing brand identity and colours to make sure it matches the company’s style. The logo’s bright green, blue and yellow gradient was taken as a guideline, serving as the backdrop throughout the entire animation.

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