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Easy treatment of eye diseases

Ever considered why there isn't a more convenient alternative to eye drops? Well, so did Lynthera Corporation – an early-stage biomedical company specialising in novel forms of drug delivery. Their initial focus on ocular diseases has resulted in the development of a contact lens technology that resolves the key drawbacks of conventional methods – paving the way towards a more effective treatment.

3D animation of Lynthera's contact lens for ocular drug delivery submerged in storage solution liquid

Don't blink...

A challenge involved in the treatment of eye disease is how to avoid one of our eye's most essential mechanisms: blinking. As we all know, blinking inhibits the retention of eye drops, thereby limiting their effectiveness and usability. The Lynthera drug delivery contact lens is a patented technology platform designed to overcome this and many other challenges.

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Extreme close-up 3D animation of Lynthera's contact lens for ocular drug delivery and its multi-layered design for controlled dosage

Acting with precision

The lens has a multi-layer design that enables the precise control of drug dosage. The use of silicone hydrogel materials facilitates oxygen permeability and comfort. Drug molecules travel at different, complementary speeds through this material's three domains, allowing for the steady and sustained release of various drug ingredients – day or night.

Extreme close-up view of a 3D-animated eye wearing Lynthera's contact lens for ocular drug delivery

Eye for detail

For this animation, we opted for an elegant and clinical style, using toned-down colours to give the film a natural feel. In order to make the animations look realistic despite being in extreme close-up, attention to detail was vital. A lot of time and effort was put into the lighting, for example, to make sure even the tiniest hairs and wrinkles don't look out of place.

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