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The role of mitochondria

In almost every type of cell in the human body, mitochondria can be found. These specialised organelles are essential to our survival, as they produce 90% of the energy needed for our cells to function.

This 3D animation shows two human cells inspired by the universe


We made this beautiful animation about a compound being developed by Khondrion: Sonlicromanol. The animation shows the damaging effects of Mitochondrial disease, while explaining how the compound works and what its effect is on the damaged mitochondria.

This 3D animation shows a healthy mitochondria

The universe

For the style and colouring of this animation, we were inspired by the universe – the cells representing the galaxies in space. The bright and warm colours used for the mitochondria in the animation – the stars in the galaxy – visualise the energy that these organelles produce.

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