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Driving the energy revolution

As one of the key players in the fight to decrease CO2 emissions around the world, Eindhoven University of Technology institute EIRES finds itself at the forefront of energy research. To give shape to its communications, we created a recognisable and reputable visual identity and communication style, while ensuring consistency in branding elements.

This image shows a firefly giving light on a green leaf

Environment & Technology

We decided that all communications should convey a nice balance between the environment and technology. The institute's drive to seriously contribute towards the reduction of emissions will have a huge, positive impact on our world. It is therefore only fitting that technological marvels and natural wonders are each given a place in the look and feel of EIRES.


Another central aspect is a focus on storytelling. By telling inspiring stories – of how we can work together for a better, more sustainable future – EIRES will gather more attention and succeed to reach a large audience. This idea of storytelling clearly shines through in the first film that we produced together.

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