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An introduction to: GASP-1

This 3D animation presents GASP-1, along with its huge potential for early diagnostics and therapeutics across all major cancers. Scroll down to find out more about the newly identified biomarker and our creative choices for this film.

Halcyon GASP-1 cancer biomarker 3D animation tumour invasive – still image 00_01_09_01.jpg

Precision Oncology

GASP-1 overexpression is indicative of various stages of cancer progression: from hyperplasia and dysplasia to in situ and invasive cancer. Halcyon provides the technology to target this biomarker and assess the presence and severity of cancers with great precision – enabling superior monitoring that can reduce unnecessary surgeries.

Halcyon GASP-1 cancer biomarker 3D animation – still image 00_00_42_09.jpg

Early-stage Detection

Current cancer detection relies on biomarkers already released into circulation. What makes Halcyon's biomarker special is that it identifies cancers before they become invasive, at a stage when cures are more achievable. Both for cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, this feature gives GASP-1 its unquestionable revolutionary potential.

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Halcyon GASP-1 cancer biomarker 3D animation – still image 00_00_28_09.jpg

Close to the fire

One thing that made the creative process stand out was the direct involvement of scientists held in the absolute highest regard. They kept us on our toes throughout! In the knowledge that this groundbreaking technology forms the culmination of their life's work, helping to shape the story was an honour and a pleasure.

Halcyon GASP-1 cancer biomarker 3D animation antibody – still image 00_01_19_20.jpg

Cinematic experience

For this continued collaboration with the entrepreneurial minds behind Lynthera, we opted for a somewhat different look and feel. Unexpected zooms and camera movements make for a dynamic flow, which was combined with a grainy quality and cinematic use of colour and lighting. Together, this results in a long take that viewers won't be quick to forget.

The Final Result

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