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Showcasing the production line

The Pick 'n Pack concept offers the food industry the benefits of automation – cost reduction, greater hygiene and more efficient use of resources – combined with the unique ability to adapt to the product and batch size at hand. We created four films to showcase what this production line is capable of.

Full production line

The project developed different types of modules that can cope with the typical variability of food products and the requirements of the sector regarding hygiene, economics and adaptability. These modules work closely together in one production line.

Flexible printing module

Pick 'n Pack introduced a system able to print the foil cover for all sizes of packaging and all sorts of products. This takes away the need for pre-printed foils, as well as eradicating downtime caused by having to change the foils.

Flexible thermoformer module

It usually takes hours to replace a mould, while making a new package design can last as long as several weeks. The Flexible Thermoformer puts an end to these problems.

Bin-picking module

This gripping device is similar to a human hand – able to gently pick up a wide variety of products, regardless of their shape or fragility. This can cause a massive increase in efficiency.

This image shows a behing the scenes during the night shoot for pick n pack film

Night shoot

Every film shoot is unique – and this one was no exception. In order to create the perfect lighting for the film set, the Pick ‘n Pack production line was fully filmed during nighttime hours. With coffee machines working overtime, we managed to create the perfect setting for some extraordinary high-tech footage.

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