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Pupillary light reflex

Our eyes are an impressive source of information. A tiny little movement of the pupil - the so-called pupillary light reflex - can tell us a lot. Stellar i-ris project is developing a non-invasive tool that measures this reflex and extracts data. A revolutionary method to detect intake of medications, drugs or alcohol and illnesses in a matter of seconds.


Travelling through the brain

Starting with a steady frontal image of a woman, zooming in into her eye, going further to the pupil into the brain. The viewer then starts travelling through the compelling animations of the neuronal network within our brain.

All-encompassing film

Together with Stellar, we made this beautiful and intriguing film about the information we can detect from the eye. The combination of studio shots, animations, voice-over and sound design makes this a fully dynamic and all-encompassing film – while not forgetting to explain the technique behind the project.

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