Europe Science

Building a platform from scratch

When you are involved in the world of science and technology, or simply interested in the innovations of tomorrow, then Europe Science is your go-to platform. With the help of Europe Science scientists from all over Europe can easily create a website. We created the Europe science platform from scratch. From idea to launch. 

This image shows a person holding an ipad looking at the EuropeScience website

Science in optima forma

Science presented in optima forma, with stunning visuals and a recognizable identity. Different templates give users the possibility to create their own recognizable brand and website, translating science to accessible content for large audiences.

This image shows the EuropeScience logo on top of a drone shot of a forest


The combination of the logo and other brand elements give Europe Science a unique but universal look. Being able to play with the brand elements such as colors and squares, give a lot of creative freedom while still being recognizable in different forms and designs.

Find out what we can do for you!

Contact us at or call +31 20 777 20 72.

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