Digital Twins


New brand identity

For Insilico Biotechnology AG, we created a new brand identity from scratch. A brand identity consisting of a logo and other brand elements, web design, and a 3D-animated film. We took the concept of the digital twin as a starting point, and incorporated it into all the elements. Together, these elements form a recognisable unity.

This image shows Insilico logo in front of 3D created world with digital antibodies


The logo we designed combines a futuristic look with playfulness. The ‘O’ is the recognisable brand element, and – along with its mirroring components – it refers to the digital twins that are central to Insilico’s software. The logo reappears in the various add-ons that are part of Insilico's software platform.

This image shows mock-up laptop with Insilico Biotechnology website

Web design

We used the animated film as the basis for the web design, in order to realise a seamless interaction between the film – which is prominent on the website – and the website itself. It's a colourful design, which strikes a balance between professionalism, futurism, and playfulness.

This mock-up image shows an iPad with animation on Bioreactor and digital twins for Insilico BiotechnologyThis image shows a 3D reconstruction with bioreactors being used in Digital Twin research at Insilico BiotechnologyThis mock-up image shows letter format for Insilico Biotechnology

3D-animated film

The film visualises the digitalisation of the pharmaceutical industry, showing a clear transition from a conventional laboratory setting to a virtual one: the real world's digital twin counterpart. In the virtual world, we see the benefits of Insilico's software applications, and how users can interact with the virtual environment.

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