Structural Biology

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European Research Infrastructure

iNEXT is a European Research Consortium, focused on translating fundamental structural biology research into bio-scientific applications. One of its further aims is to grant access for all European researchers – non-experts on structural biology in particular – to the vital infrastructures that enable such research. We collaborated with iNEXT to produce this in-depth film.

This image shows a person opening the electron microscope at NECEN
This image shows a 3D reconstruction of a molecule

One cell - multiple techniques

Our challenge was to showcase – within a timeframe of three minutes – several technologies and applications currently being used in the field of structural biology. We came up with a concept in which we follow a single cell as, one by one, it is examined through the use of these state-of-the-art techniques.

Film and animation

In putting the film together, it was necessary to combine 3D animation with film footage shot at different research facilities, some of which we had recorded a lot earlier. Our animation and camera departments had to be completely in tune as they worked together to achieve consistency in terms of colour and lighting – resulting in a singular look.

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