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For a future without power plants

Powered by a new clean energy system rooted in low-cost, long-duration energy storage, Elestor is ready to fulfil the promise of a decarbonised future. We are delighted to help spread their message by providing a full branding package – telling their story through a brand-new website, fresh brand identity, and an illuminative 3D-animation to match.

Flowing Web Design

Virtually all our creative services came together to give a fresh look to the new Elestor website – presenting their flow battery and what it represents in a smooth scroll-down home page.

Elestor Scalable Clean Energy Storage Hydrogen Bromine Flow Battery - Brand Guide Colour Palette.jpg

New Visual Identity

As part of our comprehensive branding services for Elestor, we delivered a whole range of branding elements – including a redesigned logo, social media badges, typeface, colour palette and accompanying imagery and photography.

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A Fresh Face

Arguably the most important branding element of all, we took our time to perfect the new Elestor logo. This included the making of a short 3D animation to present the bold emblem in style.

Technical Animation

Elestor's flow battery system makes use of hydrogen and bromine, two active materials that are abundant across the globe. We created this 3D animation to explain how this scalable system brings the two together to create and store electricity – while spotlighting its potential to shape a world that runs solely on clean energy.

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