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The key to successful drug development

Finding the right dose for the right patient – that's where qPharmetra's expertise lies. We created a 3D animation that visualises their process: starting with the collection and analysis of intricate data, before arriving at an optimally fine-tuned dosage recommendation.

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Efficacy vs Safety

Drug development is all about finding the right level of drug exposure: one that maximises drug efficacy while minimising side effects. qPharmetra uses exposure-response models to quantify how the two correlate, bringing about strategic advice that offers drug developers the best chance of striking a perfect balance.

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High-Paced Production

Our team loves a challenge. Through flexible cooperation within our ranks, and by staying in close contact with the client at all stages of the production, we were able to get this job done on a tight schedule. And looking back, it made the creative process all the more enjoyable for everyone involved.

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Turning Data into Action

qPharmetra's highly-skilled pharmacometricians integrate complex pharmacological and biological data into actionable insights. These can then be converted into specific dose recommendations adapted for a variety of populations – improving the probability of success at every stage of drug development.

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Graphs & Graphics

We chose to visualise the central role that data plays in qPharmetra's process by incorporating graphs at various points during the animation. To keep the audience engaged at all times, we made sure to do so in a dynamic and stylistic way – resulting in a fresh, artistic 3D animation and smooth viewer experience.

The Final Result

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