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An Artificial Heart

That, no less, is what the HybridHeart consortium is in the process of developing. This hybrid heart is made up of a soft-robotic shell, with artificial muscles and sensors that enable natural motion, as well as a tissue-engineered inner lining to ensure biocompatibility. The end goal: providing the first-ever permanent solution for end-stage heart failure. In this film, we tell the heartfelt story behind HybridHeart – which all started with an image of an octopus...

Young girl sitting on the beach at sunset in the middle of a large heart drawn in the sand

A Surgeon With A Dream

It was a picture of a soft-robotic octopus that sparked the initial thought within the mind of project leader and cardiac surgeon Jolanda Kluin: why not make a soft-robotic heart? What started as a simple question and a seemingly impossible dream soon evolved into a realistic, achievable goal. One that stands to be of tremendous importance to heart failure patients of the future.

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Close-up of an eye looking into a microscope

Told In Her Own Words

An artificial heart represents a scientific marvel, that speaks for itself. Instead of showcasing the technical side of how it will actually work, we wanted to emphasise the urgency behind this project by telling the personal, emotional side of the story. To achieve this, the storyline describes Jolanda Kluin's own unique perspective as a heart surgeon and is accompanied by a voice-over recorded in her own voice.

Cardiac surgeon and HybridHeart project leader Jolanda Kluin in the operating room with a 3D-animated artificial heart in her hands

3D-Animated Element

One of the challenges involved was to present this extraordinary hybrid heart in its final form, before it had actually been realised. In order to demonstrate the ultimate vision of this project, we present Jolanda Kluin in the operating room with a 3D-animated hybrid heart in her hands – ready to save a life, ready to make this impossible dream a reality.

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