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Meet chitosan

Unseen, yet all around us... For this creative collaboration with Tidal Vision, we made a video all about the natural biopolymer chitosan – a silent hero with the potential to revolutionise entire industries.

Tidal Vision Mother and Child in the Woods with Fireflies

A molecule with hidden powers

Chitosan is an extraordinary natural biopolymer found throughout Earth's domains, from the deepest oceans and densest forests to your own backyard. Through its unique features – biodegradability, positive charge, and its function as an elicitor – chitosan represents a unique opportunity to thoroughly shake up the world of agriculture and water treatment.

Tidal Vision Chitosan Molecule Underwater Glow

Brought to life through 3D animation

Tidal Vision is working to harness the power of this natural polymer – and use it for the preservation of nature herself. Their excitement at the prospect of bringing this game-changing technology to life for the first time was contagious – making it a real pleasure for us to work towards realising their vision.

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Tidal Vision Chitosan Grasshopper

Building Block of Nature

As one of the core components that all fungi and insects are built up of, chitosan enjoys a special connection with the plant world. Upon first contact with a specific cell wall receptor, the plant is in effect tricked into believing it's under attack. This causes a response that is both instinctive and desirable: inducing the plant’s resilience while increasing its nutrient uptake and accelerating growth.

Tidal Vision Chitosan Molecule Water Lake Horizon

Blending in

One of our main challenges for this project was to combine film footage and 3D animations to create a coherent whole – one that brings the outside world and the microscopic molecular world together. In our use of materials, colours and movement during the animation process, we were able to achieve a sense of realism amidst the wonder of this fascinating fusion.

The Final Result

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