Battling Brain Cancer


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A multidisciplinary attack on brain tumours

A team of experts, brought together from various institutions to revamp brain drug delivery. Through multidisciplinary approaches and combined expertise, Cat4CanCenter is revolutionising brain tumour treatment. To present this collaborative effort, we created a 3D animation that highlights the key actors within their unique approach.

Cat4CanCenter Catalyst Cage close-up-min.jpg

Transformative process

To achieve their goal, Cat4CanCenter plans to make use of specific cage catalysts to set an extraordinary process in motion. Lodged in designated sites and cell types, they lie in wait for the arrival of targeted non-toxic prodrugs. These prodrugs remain inactive until they encounter the cage catalysts, triggering them to become potent, active drugs. As a result of this transformation, previously tumour-supportive cells are rewired – empowering them to actively fight against brain cancer.

Cat4CanCenter Nanoparticle inside a Macrophage-min.jpg

Specially engineered nanoparticles

In order to utilise this power of the cage catalysts, they first need to be successfully delivered to the brain. This can be done effectively through the use of novel lipid-based nanoparticles. Specially engineered to cross the blood-brain barrier, these nanoparticles are programmed to selectively target crucial cell types that contribute to brain cancer malignancy.

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Cat4CanCenter Brain Cancer Tumour Cells Macrophages and Endothelial Cells-min.jpg

Balanced colour palette

In creating this animation, we knew we had to make use of a variety of colours. This was to make sure the range of key actors are clearly distinguishable. Our challenge was to do so without losing balance in the animation's overall look. By choosing related colours that do not contrast excessively, we were able to maintain an overriding sense of calm within the colour scheme.

Cat4CanCenter Variety of Nanoparticles-min.jpg

Client Experience

“The final video is very clear and professional. Working with Sensu was a pleasure!”
– Prof. Alexander Kros (Leiden University)

“It is amazingly beautiful, accurate and informative!”
– Dr Leila Akkari (Netherlands Cancer Institute)

“Awesome animation. Thank you so much!”
– Prof. Joost Reek (University of Amsterdam)

The final result

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