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Albert Heck research group

Hecklab is the research group of Albert Heck, one of the leading scientists in the fields of biomolecular mass spectrometry and proteomics. In 2017, Albert Heck was awarded the highest scientific award in the Netherlands – the Spinoza Prize.

This image shows software for proteomics research focussing on a molecular structure


The very first film we made for Hecklab was an introduction to the fascinating world of proteomics. The film’s concept consists of a clever combination of elements: animated overlays, metaphoric film shots, explanatory 3D animations, and stunning lab footage.

This image shows a polar bear swimming in water


The proteomics film reached over 350,000 people. The film was picked up by The Washington Post, and massively shared on Facebook and YouTube.

A Clockwork Uncovered

This short and easy-to-follow animation explains one of Albert Heck’s discoveries: the oldest biological clock in the world. In quite simple imagery, the film explains how the biological clock of the cyanobacteria works. The science behind this is quite complex, but it is explained in a very understandable way in this short animation.

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