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The secret to keeping our muscles young?

How can we combat our loss of muscle function as we age? At Stanford University, Dr. Blau's laboratory discovered that a specific enzyme – the Gerozyme – holds the key to answering this question.

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Preserving our strength

Every time we suffer a muscle injury, the PGE2 metabolite is activated – stimulating muscle fibres and stem cells to regenerate the damaged muscle. The Blau Lab observed that a specific enzyme is responsible for causing this signalling pathway to diminish as we get older: the Gerozyme.

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An all-important enzyme

The Gerozyme’s presence increases as we get older, causing a downward spiral that culminates in muscle degeneration. Finding a way to inactivate the Gerozyme could benefit the many people who suffer from disabling muscle wasting – putting them on the road to muscle tissue rejuvenation.

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Striking colours and shapes

For this project, the animation process was characterised by a desire to find the perfect balance between stylisation and realism. Without ever losing sight of scientific correctness, we took the conscious decision to leave out a certain level of detail. As a result, we had the opportunity to make choices regarding colours and shapes that really allow the images to pop.

The Final Result

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