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A soft animation

In collaboration with AM Pharma we created an animation that specifically focusses on acute kidney injury and the effects that this has on the body. The animation combines realistic visuals and soft colours with a glassy look of the body and blood vessels - giving the animation a fresh appearance while keeping it scientifically accurate.

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This image shows a 3D animation of the nephron part of the kidney


The development of acute kidney injury (AKI) during sepsis has a significant effect on multiple organ functions, it increases patient morbidity and leads to higher mortality.

This image shows a 3D reconstruction of a blood vessel showing red and white blood cells, platelets and Ilofotase treatment by AM Pharma

AM Pharma's treatment

With no drugs currently approved to treat this condition, AM Pharma's recombinant alkaline phosphatase could become the first pharmacological treatment for critically ill AKI patients.

The animation

While developing the style for this animation we wanted to go for something inviting. A style not too hard or graphical, but sophisticated in a smooth and spongy way. Please have a look and see for yourself.

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