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This short film was the result of a collaboration with Nikhef, the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics. A visual representation of this highly fascinating field, our film tells the story of this collaborative institute and the fundamental questions it attempts to answer.

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The fabric of our universe

How to capture the raw mystique of something as intriguing as the world of subatomic particles? The Nikhef institute performs research into the elementary building blocks of our universe, their mutual forces, and the structure of space and time. In other words, they tackle some of the biggest physics questions of our time – by studying the mind-bogglingly small. It was clear that this sense of wonder, which is omnipresent throughout their work, needed to be at the forefront of our film.

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Powerful visual concept

Open your eyes to the wonders of our world. The narrator's opening sentence sets the tone, introducing a circular concept that keeps returning throughout the video. This visual theme represents people's open, inquisitive stance towards the world around them, at both its micro (atoms and subatomic particles) and macro (planets and galaxies) levels.

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Adding spectacle to a launch event

This collaborative project took place in celebration of the official reopening of Nikhef's main building in Amsterdam Science Park, following major renovations. A unifying element in Dutch particle physics, the new building was christened through a live particle experiment and a public screening of our film. We are happy to have added to the spectacle of this occasion, kicking off a new and exciting era for this multidisciplinary institute.

The final result

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