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On a cinematic voyage

Through our long-term creative partnership with NIOZ – the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research – we are building a visual narrative that tells the story of who they are. Introducing various departments and celebrating the launch of a state-of-the-art research fleet, that narrative embodies their mission: knowing the seas to safeguard our future.

Estuarine and Delta Systems

As part of this collaboration, we are in the process of creating multiple short films to introduce different NIOZ departments and their areas of expertise. The first of these to have been realised is this video, presenting the vital research going on within the department of estuarine and delta systems. Their efforts help us understand how organisms interact with these environments, and what pressures these complex systems are under due to ongoing natural and human-induced changes.

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Marine Research Vessels

In another aspect of this partnership, we are covering the ongoing upgrade of the marine research fleet at NIOZ. One by one, new research vessels are being constructed, christened, and put into action. We'll be there at every stage, documenting their important contributions to marine research that is vital to the future of our planet.

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Wim Wolff

Adriaen Coenen

World Ocean Day

NIOZ and Sensu first collaborated on this video, on the occasion of 2022's World Ocean Day. The concept is a conversation between humanity and the sea, in which we express thanks but also receive warnings regarding the future of our planet's seas.

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