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The complexity of drugs is on the rise. This is causing their analysis to become more and more challenging. Bruker, a giant in the world of scientific instruments, has the perfect solution: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Through this technique, even the most complex drug can be analysed in the most straightforward way.

Flow NMR

In order to understand, optimise and control these processes, analytical technologies such as flow NMR are becoming essential. NMR sheds light on chemical and biochemical reactions, resulting in high-fidelity analytics and better decision-making. Chemistry and bioprocesses are diversifying, moving from traditional batch to flow. This transition enables the exploration of a much larger chemical space – facilitating the production of molecules never made before.


Bruker wishes to emphasise the importance of identifying polymorphic arrangements in the pharmaceutical industry. The company's high-end instrumentation makes this crucial identification process easier than ever. To market this aspect of Bruker's expertise, we produced a short video that can be displayed on the Bruker website and used during pitches. Combining artistic 3D animations of polymorphic arrangements with striking footage of crystallisation processes, the video successfully gets the message across.

Aspirin Animation

From small molecules to peptides, drugs keep getting bigger and more complex. Even monoclonal antibodies are finding their way to the market. These beautiful structures, produced by living organisms, can contain tens of thousands of atoms. When it comes to fingerprinting these complex drugs, Bruker is ahead of the curve. To tell their story in a way that is powerful and to the point, we collaborated on this animation. Our approach was to design simple yet elegant aspirin molecules, enabling us to explain the story at the most basic level. The animation’s polished, colourful look accompanies Bruker's identity perfectly.

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