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Establishing breakthrough approaches

As the world leader in dynamic single-molecule and cell avidity analysis, LUMICKS is focused on establishing these breakthrough approaches as the new standard in molecular biology and immunotherapy. The company develops tools that provide unparalleled insight into the fundamental causes of disease and the potential for drug optimisation.

Sensu collaborated with LUMICKS on a 3D animation about one such tool: the z-Movi Cell Avidity Analyzer. On top of that, we also created some sparkling visuals to be used for their website, conferences and social media.

This image shows a 3D animated rendering of LUMICKS' z-Movi instrument as Cell Avidity Analyzer

System visualisation

Cell avidity is a measure of the total binding strength between immune and cancer cells. It serves as a key predictor of antitumour function. This crucial parameter can be captured by LUMICKS’ z-Movi Cell Avidity Analyzer. z-Movi is a state-of-the-art benchtop instrument that, in a single run, can accurately measure the cell avidity between hundreds of single cells. In our animation, we showcased the z-Movi in a colourful and clean style. The bright colours used give the instrument a lively feel, while the immaculate details emphasise its high-tech functionalities.

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This images shows a 3D animation of the binding between a cancer cell and a TCR T cell.jpg

Appealing visuals

In line with the animation's colour scheme,we also produced appealing visuals that highlight various other applications by LUMICKS. These short clips and images demonstrate the microscopic detail of how LUMICKS' technology works. Having been exported in various formats, these visuals can be used for the company's website, booths and social media – where LUMICKS' striking imagery will stand out from the crowd.

This image shows a 3D animation of the binding of a CAR T cell and a tumor cancer cell

Customer experience

I am excited to say I would of course love to work with you and your team again, and I am excited for our future collaborations together. It was a pleasure working with you, and I believe we have created some amazing, unique animations and artwork together to use for our marketing materials - that really make us a showstopper! The colors and style are so vibrant that everyone will be wondering who made these beautiful films and images. Thank you again!

- Taylor Yerbury, Visual Designer at LUMICKS

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