The Beauty of Neuroscience

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One of the most complicated structures in the universe

Our brain is a wondrous network of neural pathways, a majestic maze in which new links and connections are constantly being discovered. To make this essential work possible, Synaptic Systems engineers highly specific antibodies that can be used for neuroscience as well as immunology and cancer research.

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The Power of Visualisation

We have created a 3D animation to introduce Synaptic Systems' latest venture: HistoSure. With this new addition to the SYSY portfolio, it is now possible to create a visual representation of the most complex immune responses.

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One Flowing Motion

To give this 3D animation a distinctive character, we made some clear choices for its look and feel. In addition to fluent cinematography, in which any unnecessary cuts were avoided, we decided to opt for a monochrome gradient – creating a clear visual identity while ensuring plenty of depth within the blue landscape.

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Finding Creative Solutions

The production process was a smooth and pleasurable one. With a clear plan in place, we were nevertheless afforded ample freedom within that framework – allowing us to look for creative ways to tackle any challenges we ran into along the way.

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Answering Your Scientific Questions

SYSY's highly characterised antibodies are created in-house, and validated through various applications to ensure their quality and reliability. Developed in Göttingen, Germany – for the benefit of the worldwide scientific community.

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