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Reducing the impact of aviation

Bionic Aircraft is an EU-funded research project that develops and manufactures lightweight, yet strong components for airplanes. By integrating Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) technology and biomimetic design they create lightweight structures. The implementation of these new technologies have shown 30% weight savings as opposed to traditional manufacturing. And thereby reducing the impact of aviation on our environment!

This image shows a 3D printed model of a bionic aircraft

The film

To show the impact of this project to a broad audience we took the viewer on a flight – literally. A flight through the entire process behind this incredible new technology. The film exists out of beautiful visuals of the ALM technology combined with 3D animations of the structures that get implemented into the aircraft. 

This image shows a man holding the 3D printed model of the bionic aircraft

A personal touch

To give the film a personal touch we chose for a combination of interviews and voice-over. In that way we give the project a face as well as explain the methodology in detail. The colours that we used are yellow/orange, giving the film a warm character. At the same time the minimalistic sound design adds depth to the soundscape. 

The goal

Reducing the impact of aviation on our environment, that was exactly the goal of this film: showing the value of the Bionic Aircraft project. This EU funded project, coordinated by Fraunhofer develops and manufactures lightweight structures for aircrafts.

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