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An unseen world

The full-length film Onder Het Maaiveld (Planet Soil) takes viewers and cinema-goers on a fascinating journey into the ground beneath their feet. After a collection of entirely unique footage of this mysterious microcosmos had been captured, Sensu was approached by EMS Films to take part in the post-production process in the area of 3D animation and visual effects.

Extra Dimension

One of our contributions to the film was to add some finishing touches through visual effects, such as 'pulse' effects that highlight the complex networks that were captured in other-worldly timelapse shots. We also created vivid 3D animations that were able to add another dimension to one of the film's lead protagonists...

worm end-min.jpg

Collaborative Effort

“1 teaspoon of healthy soil contains more living organisms than there are humans on earth. In creating the film Onder Het Maaiveld, we faced the challenge of capturing this unseen underground micro-world. In collaboration with Sensu we were able to make one of the stars of the film – the earthworm – truly come to life on the big screen.”

– Ignas van Schaick (EMS Films / M&N Media)

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