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Adapting Organisms

In an era of rapid climate change, there is a pressing need to understand whether and how organisms are capable of adapting to novel environments. To gain this better understanding, we need to take a closer look at the underlying mechanisms that cause behavioural changes in organisms – so-called adaptive responses.

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This image shows bisons grazing at Yellowstone National Park

Sweeping landscapes

For this film we were able to combine two of our favourite elements: hardcore life-science and beautiful nature. Most of the impressive landscapes you see in the film were shot by our director Jesper, when he was visiting Yellowstone. The combination of both is in line with the approach of the research project itself: how the micro and the macro are intertwined.

This image shows a deer in countryside in Groningen, The Netherlands

Different methodologies

By making use of concepts from information theory and artificial intelligence, the Adaptive Response project introduces various methodological innovations. In the film we show a variety of methodologies to showcase the project's multifaceted approach.

The film

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