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A new corporate film

CoreDux® is a pioneer in his field as an original design manufacturer (for e.g. high-end metal hoses) as well as a system integrator for entire routing systems, CoreDux can fulfill all of their customers’ needs in house: advising, design engineering, manufacturing (welding technologies), cleaning (high level Purity), testing and cleanliness validation. This allows them to provide the vital connections our customers cannot live without. And they can be trusted to do that in line with their core values.

Sensu has produced a brand-new corporate film that introduces a refreshed visual style, helping to evolve the company's communication and increase their reach within both new and existing markets.

This dark image shows the creation of a hose at CoreDux

Through a hose

During the film, viewers are guided along the different steps of the production line: from idea conception to design, from engineering to testing. The whole thing was shot and edited to make you feel like you yourself are moving through a hose. This is initially realised through an extreme close-up that was shot inside a tube, and further emphasised by subtle forward camera motions.

This image shows part of a machine for gas en fluid transportation at CoreDux

Textured sound

In line with the products and services CoreDux has to offer, the film has a clean look. It makes use of frequent close-ups, underlining the company's meticulous attention to detail. We filled the sound design with an abundance of sound effects, creating a texture that gives the displayed machinery a more palpable feel – something that, of course, corresponds with the company’s slogan.

Fluid transitions

The film was shot at two different production sites: one in the Netherlands and one in France. In order to achieve consistency in its look and style, we came up with a lighting plan that suited both facilities. In the final edit, each transition from one location to the other bears a fluidity that is the result of good planning.

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