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A crucial moment

Everyone knows we are currently at a crucial moment when it comes to preserving our planet. It is of the utmost importance for the future of our world to drastically decrease our carbon footprint. By 2030, we hope to have reduced our emissions by 50%. But what a lot of people don't know is that many companies are truly working towards this goal, with the help of solutions that are much less utopian than you probably imagine.

One reason for this is that clean and renewable energy solutions can be hard to explain to customers, investors, or the general public – especially when these people have varying degrees of technical knowledge. As technical products within the renewable energy industry become more and more complex, the likelihood of a knowledge gap between engineers, clients and investors increases. This can slow down or stop the transfer of knowledge, getting in the way of important business deals.

We are experts when it comes to telling a cohesive and appealing story around your renewable energy solution – something that can really help to break down those barriers. This enables knowledge to be transferred more efficiently, while potential customers and investors can be reached more effectively.

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Understanding the challenges

It's broadly agreed – both in politics and the industry – that rapid expansion of the renewable energy economy is needed if it is to succeed and become the essential solution when it comes to building a net-zero global economy. Investors and innovators alike have an important role to play in driving this success, and smart collaboration between the two is key. We work with clients on both sides, and understand the various challenges involved. From this position, we are able to enhance any story – and thereby play our part in reinforcing the bigger picture.

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More than just energy

Yes, the energy transition is extremely important in our bid to change this planet for the better – but there is more. Think of the threat of deforestation: we have already lost more than half of the rainforests on Earth. If current deforestation rates continue, they could be lost entirely within the coming century. A multitude of different threats can be distinguished: demand for timber, gold, oil and meat each impose severe but rather different threats to the forest. Together with Aagje van Meerwijk, our creative director Jesper Buijvoets made a documentary all about this: Dark Green.

Learn more about Dark Green

FiveT Brand Identity

We created a new brand identity for the world’s first Pureplay Clean Hydrogen Investment Fund: FiveT. Starting in 2021, FiveT set out to finance the foundation of the hydrogen economy. In collaboration with the FiveT team, we created this brand identity from scratch: from colours and logo – including variants for different divisions – to an interactive website.

In order to explain how clean hydrogen can transform and decarbonise the world's economy, we designed an interactive experience. It enables stakeholders to go through the different elements at their own pace – delving into details when they feel like it, and scrolling through the parts they already know. This is just one of many ways in which we can help take your business in the renewable energy industry to the next level.

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Consult and strategy

A central aspect of all of our work – and one that is especially crucial for projects in the energy and sustainability sectors – is a focus on storytelling. By telling inspiring stories, we can gather more attention and succeed to reach a large audience. To communicate comprehensive solutions that are in danger of sounding far-fetched, we use distinct examples and tell captivating stories. If these stories are more personal and engaging for viewers, it will increase the impact and urgency of these solutions. We help companies with their style of communication through elaborate consultations, including thought-out strategies and propositions.

Customer Experience

"I really enjoyed working with you, and the entire process of creation, from script to visuals and animations, has been fascinating. I do believe our final videos are amazing and I can’t wait to produce another one with you!"

– Eleonora Aquilini (Communications & Public Relations Director at Futureco Bioscience)

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