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Mechanism of Action animations

Mechanism of Action - or MoA - animations are all about explaining the intricate and complex processes behind your drug. It can translate a complicated chain of events into an easy to grasp story with a clear cause and effect relation. Because it relies on all the elements that make animations engaging - beautiful visuals, colours, movement, sound design, music - it can make a strong impact on any viewer: from experts to general audiences.

Annexin MoA 3D Animation

In collaboration with Annexin Pharmaceuticals, Sensu created a MoA 3D animation about the biological drug candidate ANXV.

Find out more about this project here.

AM Pharma MoA animation

In collaboration with AM Pharma we created an animation that specifically focusses on acute kidney injury and the effects that this has on the body.

Find out more about this project here.

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Khondrion MoA 3D Animation

We made this beautiful MoA 3D animation about a compound being developed by Khondrion: Sonlicromanol.

Check out more about this project here.

Y-mAbs MoA 3D Animation

In collaboration with Y-mAbs, Sensu created a MoA 3D animation that explains a 2-step drug delivery strategy.

Check out more about this project here.

This 3D animation shows the damaging effects of Mitochondrial disease

MoA 3D Animation

At Sensu we’re experts in creating MoA 3D animations that can translate the most sophisticated processes into engaging stories and visuals. In our MoA 3D animations, we combine different elements such as eye-catching and colourful animations, voice-over and on-screen text to ensure the message in your medical illustration is engaging, clear, and concise. In this way, knowledge is transferred more efficiently and stakeholders and investors are better reached. 


Working with Sensu

What's it like to work with us?

  • We highly value cooperation: we like to involve you in the process, making sure the animation is fully in line with your wishes.
  • You'll have personal contact with us: no decentralized customer service - you're in direct contact with the producer.
  • We offer flexibility: together we make the timeline, giving you the opportunity to adjust according to your own schedule.
  • We are reliable: you can count on us to make set deadlines, and to deliver according to plan.
  • And, most important, you work with an enthusiastic team of people who are passionate about telling inspiring stories.
Overview of Sensu's animation workflow

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