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Our speciality is to take a complex topic and turn it into an engaging story – based around beautiful imagery. This is a challenge that stimulates our creativity, driving us to push visual boundaries. Our films have reached millions of viewers online, winning multiple international awards.

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Every time we make a film, we are faced with the same challenge: finding the most creative way to tell a complex story, without losing focus on the subject matter. Our vision is defined by the idea that great films cannot be made without passion, understanding and personal commitment. This vision is reflected in a portfolio that spans a decade – including work within various industries, and for clients of every size.

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We believe that creative success is built on teamwork, partnerships, and the synthesis of different opinions and ideas. For each of our films, it was the team involved that allowed it to become a unique product.

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Restricted locations

We specialise in filming at restricted locations: hospitals, operating theatres, clean rooms and biosafety labs, as well as huge data centres, construction sites and ports. We know how to deal with health and safety guidelines, privacy and security issues, and restrictions around IP sensitive information. 

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In the lab

When it comes to hardcore research, we have become experts at filming in laboratories. Through meticulous lighting, thought-out camera movements and precise direction, we can get the best out of these cramped locations. 

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Shooting outside

Our roots lie in documentary filmmaking, which has taken us to some of the most interesting locations – from the Amazon rainforest to the streets of New York. We like to share our love for nature and the environment, and capturing such vast, majestic places is always a rewarding experience.

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