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Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is the most advanced method available today for delivering radiation treatments to cancerous tumours. The University Medical Center Groningen is one of the first hospitals to launch a center for this new treatment. To raise awareness for this new therapy, we were given the opportunity to create multiple informative films.

This image shows safety mask for the face during radiotherapy at proton center

Different treatments

The UMCG Proton Therapy Center offers treatments for different types of cancer. The four films that we produced focus on tumours in the lungs, brain, throat and breast. Each film prepares the patient for the treatment they are about to receive.

This image shows patient receiving radiotherapy at proton center at University Medical Center Groningen

An inside look

Since the radiation rooms are in use during the week, we had to plan the filming at the weekend. It was a very impressive experience to get an inside look at such a high-tech center. Fun fact: most of the acting was done by actual specialists of the proton center and their co-workers – even in the case of the ‘patients’.

Brain cancer treatment

Breast cancer treatment

Lung cancer treatment

Throat cancer treatment

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