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Over the past years, we produced several films for the different departments of UIPS – the research institute of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Utrecht University. These films all start with an artistic and metaphorical introduction, explaining the science behind the different research topics.

Proteins at Work

Proteins are the workhorses of our body. They tell our bodies what to do, and when to do it – forming the basis for life. In order to fully understand the workings of our body – and of nature as a whole – we need to study proteins. This field of study is called proteomics.

Secret World of Glycans

This film provides a glimpse into the secret world of glycans – as well as showing the cutting-edge glycoscience research that is being conducted to understand their role in health and disease and to develop the therapeutics and vaccines of the future.


What if we could really defeat a chronic disease, instead of just treating its symptoms? The pharmacology department tries to find new ways of preventing those diseases, instead of just treating them.

Magic Bullet

The elusive magic bullet – a delivery system for medicine that only targets the bad cells. A system as accurate as an arrow and as precise as Tiger Woods. A system to make the treatment of life threatening diseases more effective than ever before.

Make Medicine Work

Generating reliable information regarding the safe and effective use of medicines – after approval – is what the Pharmacoepidemiology & Clinical Pharmacology group at Utrecht University specialises in. The film guides viewers through the unique production process of medicine: from research and design, to development and marketing.

Clockwork Uncovered

This short and easy-to-follow animation explains one of Albert Heck’s latest discoveries: the oldest biological clock in the world. In quite simple imagery, the film explains how the biological clock of the cyanobacteria works. The science behind this is quite complex, but it is explained in a very understandable way in this short animation.

This image shows the earth and its connection, being part of Proteomics film


The films reached more than 1,580,000 people. They were all massively shared and liked on Facebook and got a lot of positive reactions. They were also picked up by the academic community, and circulated within various universities. The proteomics film was picked up by The Washington Post.

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