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Liquid Radiation

In the global fight against cancer, Y-mAbs is offering a new and potentially ground breaking technology called SADA or Liquid Radiation. In collaboration with Y-mAbs we created a 3D animation that explains this 2-step drug delivery strategy,

This image shows a 3D animation of cancer cells with SADA antibodies

Finding the right focus

The animation needed to be visually arresting and immediately understandable for potential investors, while the general public should be able to follow the film as well. A major goal for the animation team was to translate the complicated biological process into an fairly simple visual story. In order to do so, they focused on incorporating only a few elements: the human body, the antibodies and the cells in the body.

This 3D animation shows two models with a tumor in the belly


The Sensu team worked closely with Y-mAbs leadership on the visuals for this animation. We needed to find the right balance between an awe-inspiring look from a design perspective, and the correct scientific models and details. By merging our expertises during this collaboration we were able to incorporate both.

The animation

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