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Animating the unseen

Glyphic Biotechnologies is a biotechnology startup revolutionizing the field of proteomics, developing a next-generation protein sequencing platform. While existing protein analysis methods have proved insufficient, Glyphic is paving the way for a more advanced approach to protein sequencing. Glyphic approached us to create a one minute animation that explains the technology, making it accessible and easy to understand.

A sequence of amino acids inside a protein sequencer

One amino acid at a time

Our main focus for this animation was to convey this idea of amino acid sequences being strings of distinctive amino acids that can be deconstructed - one amino acid at a time. If we got this right, the technology would be a lot easier to understand for viewers. After working on different versions, we came up with a design that's very clear, making the animation uncomplicated and accessible.

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Imagining the sequencer

As Glyphic is still in the process of developing the sequencing instrument, we had no existing model of the instrument to work with. This gave us the creative freedom to come up with the product design ourselves. This was a fun challenge, and we had a couple of iterations (some more outlandish than others) until we settled on the one that is used in the film.

3D rendered product design of a protein sequencer for Glyphic3D rendered product design of a protein sequencer for Glyphic in 80s style3D rendered product design of a protein sequencer for Glyphic on blue background

Customer experience

Wow. It looks and sounds amazing! Great work, very impressive!!! I'm sure we will have additional videos we would like you to do in the future! 

- Daniel Estandian (CTO and Co-Founder)

The film

We used a lot of vibrant colours in the film to make the animation really pop. The use of a reflective surface create this sort of prism of illuminating colours, helping to shape this vivid world.

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