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What is NMR?

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, or: NMR helps us determining the structure of molecules to help develop the materials, food and medicine of the future. NMR Spectroscopy is a technique that helps us understand the behaviour of atoms. Understanding the behaviour of atoms is crucial in understanding our world - because everything we know consists of atoms.

A film that explains what Nuclear Magnetic (NMR) is with a female model in a 3D world looking at an atom

Film and animation combined

To introduce the NMR technique, we melted together beautiful film footage with a mystical, animated surrounding – visualising a fantasy world that is completely built up of matter (‘from living organisms to the air we breath’). The film footage was shot in front of a green screen – we even used a plastic cup to represent the floating matter.

This image shows large facility being used for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance research

NMR Facility

In order to create an exciting setting for the NMR facility we’ve used a two toned lighting scheme, creating a similar mystical surrounding as in the animated introduction. The lighting really captures the beauty of the NMR facility and its powerful magnet. 

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