Honorary Doctorates

Maastricht University

The world's greatest thinkers

During the official celebration of Maastricht University’s 39th & 40th anniversaries, a selection of outstanding individuals was awarded an honorary doctorate. These short portraits outline their exceptional contributions to academic research and to society. All the portraits were shown during the award ceremonies.

Frans Timmermans

Bringing the EU closer together – New European Commissioner Frans Timmermans was awarded for his major contributions to both European and global relations.

Jimmy Wales

Hello world – In the form of Wikipedia, the entrepreneur Jimmy Wales established a universally accessible platform and infinite source of information that it is impossible to imagine life without.

Michelle Craske

An Introduction – Michelle Craske was awarded for her great academic influence in the field of clinical psychology and, in particular, experimental psychopathology.

Paul de Grauwe

Control the market – Professor Paul Grauwe received his honorary doctorate for his many contributions to policy debates about the situation in Europe and the future of the continent.

Detlev Ganten

The health formula – Professor Detlev Ganten was rewarded for his fundamental contributions to our understanding of one of the most important regulatory systems in the cardiovascular field.

Susan Rose-Ackerman

Challenging corruption and fighting environmental pollution – Professor Susan Rose-Ackerman is probably one of the most well-known law and economics scholars in the world.

Wolfgang Wahlster

Wolfgang Wahlster is regarded as an international figurehead in the field of knowledge-based systems and artificial intelligence, making him a unique source of inspiration for the Department of Knowledge Engineering at Maastricht University.

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