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Going to the Amazon

We all need some days off from time to time – but when Sensu goes on holiday, we bring our camera gear along. Jesper Buijvoets, co-founder of Sensu, produced this impressive documentary in one of the most beautiful and fragile parts of the world: the Amazon.

This iamge shows two award laurels being received for Junglekeepers film

Multiple nominations

With stunning wildlife shots and a story that really emphasises the urge to protect and preserve this one-of-a-kind rainforest, this short documentary touches everyone with a heart for nature. The film was nominated for the IFF Ekotopfilm filmfestival and the Oregon Short Film Festival – both festivals with a focus on films related to the natural world and sustainability.

This image shows Paul Rosolie with a yellow rubber boat in Amazon Jungle

Hunger for more

With the release of Junglekeepers - Now is the time, the adventure was not over yet. Jesper decided to team up with American conservationist Paul Rosolie and went back into the Amazon rain forest, this time even deeper than before. 

This image shows smoke in Amazone jungle with Dark green title

Dark Green

In Dark Green we follow adventurer, biologist and storyteller Paul Rosolie deep into the jungle of the Amazon, risking his life to learn more on this last remaining wilderness on earth. Leaving a world of man-made destruction, where the Trans Amazon highway eats its monstrous way into the jungle.

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