HUB Organoids

A Patient in the Lab

A new identity

For HUB Organoids, we created a new brand identity. The goal was to design a trustworthy and recognisable identity that conveys HUB’s expertise and revolutionary character – establishing a daring, bright and colourful identity.

This image shows HUB Organoids' logo and icon in front of organoid back drop


The logo combines elegance with solid and clean elements. The icon captures the shape of an organoid, while adding an elegant twist. The clean font successfully captures the company’s expertise and know-how. The icon can be used seperately, without losing its recognisability.

This image shows a 3D animation of organoids in green and pink for HUB Organoids


Since HUB Organoids thrives upon the methodology of ‘organoids’, we decided to create 3D-animated organoids that are playful and colourful. These compelling images are used throughout all the designs, making them vibrant and significant at the same time.  


The identity has a flexibility that functions across an array of applications. The colourful organoids are echoed in the playful design of the website, which combines moving organoids, vibrant colors and interactive infographics. As part of the new website we incorporated motion design  – the future of web design – to accentuate HUB's state-of-the-art image. This is created using the API Three.js.

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This mock-up image of a laptop shows the interactive website design for HUB Organoids

Graphic design

All of these elements – bold colours, clean font, elegant logo, vibrant animations, appealing infographics – mold into one style that tells the revolutionary story of HUB Organoids. This style is captured in all the printed materials: from business card to brochure, from flyer to banner.

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