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Mode of action animations

In cooperation with Bernstein GMBH, we created two stunning ‘Mode of Action’ 3D animations about vector control applications developed by Bayer. Each animation takes the viewer to a remote endemic area, explaining how the applications are applied in order to fight Malaria and Dengue mosquitoes.

Fludora Mosquito.jpg

Realistic mosquitoes

One of the aims for these animations was to create an ultra-realistic rendering of the mosquito. We researched the anatomy of a mosquito, using the information to perfectly mimic a real mosquito in our animation. What we didn’t know was that there are more than three thousand species of mosquitoes. The devil is in the detail...

Close collaboration with scientists

In order to get every tiny detail right when it came to the different modes of action inside the mosquito, both animations were created in close collaboration with scientists from Bayer. Aside from multiple meetings held to make sure that everyone was on the same page, a detailed storyboard was an indispensable tool in this animation process.

Fludora storyboard 02.jpgFludora 2-min.jpgFludora storyboard 03.jpgFludora Animation .jpg

Fludora Fusion

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