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ESCALON is an international research consortium that works to try and tackle different aspects of hepatobiliary cancers. We created an entire visual identity, to serve as the face of the project. This identity consists of several elements: a logo, website, film, and hard-copy booklets. Taken together, these tools form the foundation for this project’s dissemination. 

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The personal as the universal

The film we produced is set in both Europe and Latin-America, showing parallel stories taking place on each continent. Central to the film are the stories of two patients. By focussing on the personal stories of real-life patients, we made a film that is universal – thereby addressing the importance of ESCALON’s research. 


Logo and colour design

Based on the translation of the word escalón – steps – the logo is designed like a stairway. The striking typographic logo is set in AzonixRegular, giving it its unique, streamlined look. A colour palette was developed, featuring an optimistic range of colours including lime green, olympic blue, and fandango pink. These colours reappear in all the dissemination collateral.

Escalon interactive-min.jpg

Web design

We used the film as the basis for the web design, in order to create consistency in the look. The website starts with the iconic image of The Virgin of Quito – a sculpture on top of a hill in the heart of the city. This image is also prominently displayed on ESCALON’s social media accounts. Another feature of the website is an interactive image of a liver, which visitors can use to learn more about the different types of liver cancer.

Brochure for patients

In order to make patients in hospitals and clinics aware of the ESCALON project, we designed brochures that explain the project in simple terms. These brochures focus on the possible outcomes of the research, and what those outcomes would mean for the patients.

ESCALON Brochure-min.jpgESCALON Brochure v2-min.jpgESCALON Brochure v3-min.jpg

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