Enzyme Engineering


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Modifying enzymes

It was discovered that enzymes can be modified to become robust enzymes that can revolutionize industrial processes. The ROBOX project specifically focuses on oxidative enzymes that can replace the chemical processes that the industry uses now.

This image shows a reconstruction in metal of an enzyme while someone is forging the metal

Making of the film

What better way to visualise enzymes that are invisible to the human eye, than showing a massive enzyme being sculptured in front of the camera. Marco Fraaije, project leader of ROBOX, expressed it as follows: “What was especially clever was the choice to build a big enzyme sculpture, and shape it on the spot as a visual representation of enzyme engineering.”

This image shows someone holding a price of De Beste Groninger Film 2016


The film for this project won an award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. 

Quote from the jury:
"The team's greatest achievement was to push the boundaries of the possible, while equally taking into account the client’s wishes. This resulted in a tasteful collision of art, movement, colours and shapes!"


This film was produced for the ROBOX project - an international research project with a total of 19 partners. 

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