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An atlas of the human lung

Lung diseases, such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and to a lesser extent asthma, are a leading cause of death, with increasing incidence and lack of curative treatments. The development of novel therapeutic treatments is hampered by our incomplete knowledge of the cellular complexity of the lung. To get a better grip on this, we need knowledge about the different types of cells in the lung, what their specific characteristics are and how they communicate with each other in healthy and diseased individuals. To achieve this, discovAIR will create an Atlas of the Human Lung.

This image shows a 3D reconstruction of the human lung for Atlas of the Human Lung focussing on subsegmental bronchus

Discovering the Cellular Landscape of the Airways and Lung Tissue

In collaboration with the discovAIR project, we created a 3D animation that demonstrates the Atlas of the Human Lung. Step by step, we are sucked ‘deeper’ into our lungs, as the specific properties of different cell types are revealed to us. Thomas, head of animation, made use of a brown gradient and classic font throughout – giving the animation a rustic feel, while adding to the image of an old atlas.

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